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Maximizing Local Search with Geo Grid View

Geo Grid View provides valuable advantages for optimizing local search.

By focusing on specific geographic areas, businesses can tailor strategies and gain insights into rankings, competition, and customer behavior across locations. Identify patterns and trends to capitalize on strengths and address weaknesses in each area.

Benchmark against local competitors for performance evaluation. Geo Grid View empowers businesses with targeted insights to enhance visibility and attract local customers effectively.

Monitor Local SEO Effectiveness

The Google Map Pack, also known as the Local 3-Pack, is a prominent feature displaying three local businesses on the top of Google's search results when users look for local services or businesses.

It's crucial for visibility as it captures users' immediate attention and influences their choices. Local businesses should prioritize this because being featured in the Map Pack significantly boosts online visibility, trust, and click-through rates.

We offering detailed insights into the proportionate metrics of the top 3 rankings, providing invaluable reference data for businesses. By analyzing these metrics, businesses can glean success strategies from competitors, fine-tune their approach, and enhance their chances of securing a top position.

Manage and Optimize local search results with ease

Analyze your GMB listing performance using data-driven insights to identify areas for improvement

Accelerate Your Local Visibility Analysis

Discover how visible your business is in local search results with lightning-fast speed. The ranking results may just be what you need to lift your brand’s advantage in both physical and online opportunities.

Customize with Grid Size and Distance Parameters

Tailor your local rank tracking by setting specific grid sizes and distance parameters. Monitor and analyze the ranking performances of your local business competitors, extracting valuable insights that can enhance your search visibility and improve your own ranking position.

Comprehensive Competitor Research and Discovery

Track and analyze the ranking performances of your local business competitors to gain valuable insights that can improve your search visibility and boost your ranking. By closely monitoring their strategies and outcomes, you can stay ahead of the competition, make informed decisions, and optimize your online presence effectively.

Comprehensive insights and reports

Input locations, keywords, and scan settings to gather valuable insights and generate detailed reports. These reports help businesses understand organic keyword rankings, identify areas for improvement, and optimize Google My Business listings.

Effortless Monitoring with Scheduled Scans (Comming soon)

Stay ahead of the game by conveniently scheduling scans or monitoring reports for the near future. Whether it's your own business location or that of your competitors, you can effortlessly stay up to date with the organic search results and closely observe the ranking performances of your business. Plan ahead and ensure you have the necessary insights to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvements in your search visibility.


LocalRankBox is a powerful local rank tracking tool that offers a unique visual representation of local search engine results. Compare your rank position with local competitors using a convenient grid view.


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